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Puzzle di immagini di sport

Sports and relaxation holidays

The morphology of the area and the favorable climate all year round make the Canary Islands a particularly suitable destination for practicing any type of sport and / or taking advantage to love yourself and take care of your body with a dedicated personal trainer, SPA, sea and sun.

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What to know about the Canaries

Spring all year round

There is a reason that in many wintering in the Canaries, despite having many micro climates, the islands enjoy an enviable climate all year round, comparable to our springs.

Special phenomena

Calima, a warm air full of dust coming from the Sahara. Comparable to our heat. It lasts a few days.


Drinking water is guaranteed in any part of the islands.
Practically all derives from watermakers and although starting perfectly from the plants we do not recommend drinking it.
We recommand you to buy water in the supermarkets but not only, bottles of 5 or 8 liters of natural water for food use.


The voltage used in the Canary Islands is 220V and the electrical frequency is 50Hz. The sockets used are of the type C, therefore plugs of the Germany or Europlug type are fine.


Practically all the structures and rooms (except the older ones) have been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. All the premises, both public and private, are in compliance with the new European directives on the matter. Many public transport and taxis are also equipped to serve people with disabilities.


The roads on the islands are well maintained and the signs are simple to understand. There are many car-rentals on the island and we recommand you not to stop at the first one you find.
Always respect the speed limits, fasten your seat belts and do not hold your cell phone in hand … fines are high!


Each island has an airport and in the 4 main islands are international airports and receive planes from all over the world.
Internal flights guarantee the connection between all the islands.

Public transport

Excellent public transport, courier (here they are called guaguas), city buses and taxis cover the 24-hour public transport service.

Ship – ferries

Transportation between the islands is guaranteed by an efficient fast ferry service.
Naval service is also almost daily between mainland Spain and the archipelago.

Arriving by plane

The easiest way to get to the archipelago is by plane. Various are the airports of departure from Italy for the arrival in the major islands, both with direct flights and with a stopover.

Arriving by ship

The ship / ferry can also be a way to get to the Canary Islands. The most usual places of departure are Cadiz (Cadiz) and Huelva. Normally it is more than 40 hours of travel.


The Canary archipelago being Spanish territory, like all the countries of the European Union, has the Euro as its currency.


Banks in Spain work like european banks.
By now many of the normal operations such as wire transfers, bill payments, payments, etc. they are entrusted to automatic cash machines or home banking. All in maximum simplicity and practicality.
They do not accept goods in Europe as collateral for any credit lines.


Obviously beaches are the first thing you are thinking about if you visit the Canary Islands.
In fact they are many and beautiful, more or less hidden, wild and not.
Just for any taste!

Cities and Countries

Not only beaches but also a lot to see! From cities to be discovered to towns and villages full of traditions and history.


Still uncontaminated, rough and volcanic with breathtaking landscapes.
Parks with mountains and volcanoes are places you can’t miss seeing.


Health in the Canaries is guaranteed both by a public system of excellent quality and also by a private system made up of clinics and surgeries prepared at any level.
Health care is always guaranteed to EU citizens, just present the valid European health card issued by the European Health Service.

Health facilities

Each location on the islands has a first aid point, cases that cannot be resolved in these points are transported quickly by ambulance or helicopter to the most equipped hospitals or clinics.

Where are

The Canary Islands are positioned in the Atlantic Ocean, on the side of the coast of Morocco at the height of the border between Morocco and Western Sahara.
The distance between the island of Fuerteventura (the easternmost) and the coast of Morocco is 100 km. While between the Canary Islands and Spain we have 1,200 km.
Great Britain as the crow flies is 2,900 km away.
Many confuse the Canary Islands with the Balearics which are instead in the Mediterranean.