Fitness, Wellness, Relax and body care in Gran Canaria

What does fitness, relaxation and body care mean in the Canary Islands?

It means a non-traditional holiday!
A period of regeneration, calm and tranquility … of physical and mental relaxation!
The possibility of fitness with a personal trainer who follows you and guides you by taking advantage of the climate, infrastructure, expert staff and a calm and relaxing environment.
You can forget about everyday life.

What we offer basic in our fitness or relaxation packages:

  • accommodation in 3/4 star facilities, personally selected by us with high quality standards both for cleaning / hygiene, structurally adequate also in appearance, which include various ancillary services (wifi, TV, kitchen or kitchenette, private bathroom, tranquility) ,
  • small cars available for the entire holiday period,
  • staff available to ensure the best possible stay and for any needs on site,
  • Personal trainer and nutritionist available,
  • day in the SPA, massage sessions, personalized diets, motor and relaxing activities on the beach or in dedicated spaces, as well as fitness followed by qualified personnel.
How do we do our job?

The personal trainer will take care of you by organizing your stay for a physical and mental regeneration in a particularly suitable environment.

  • first with a history of the starting physical conditions
  • with recommended personalized footplans and supplements
  • indication of what the most suitable activities could be for you
  • accompanying you to the wellness facilities according to the plan you decide to follow, whether these are SPAs or gyms
  • making a personalized food plan
  • with massage therapy and massages appropriate to your physical condition
  • personalized training plans that take place both indoors (gyms) and outdoors (beaches and gardens)

In the best spas

You will find yourself immersed in the best spas on the island, extraordinary environments suitable for all ages. Swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools, heated pools.
The best way to spend a relaxing day.